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Exploring Dent Pulling Procedures

Hey everyone, my name is Ty Baker. I would like to discuss the different ways auto body workers pull dents. The dent pulling process often makes damaged body panels look like new in an instant. Suction based dent pullers are most commonly used, especially on fiberglass panels. However, body repair experts have pullers that screw into or weld onto the damaged vehicle panels. From there, the pros carefully tug the material back into shape. I hope you will learn about this process to help you understand how your vehicle is repaired after a collision. Knowing how the experts approach the job will help you stay stress free throughout the procedure. Thank you for coming by my website about pulling dents out of automotive panels. Please come back soon.



Exploring Dent Pulling Procedures

What Qualifications Are You Looking For In Luxury Auto Repair?

by Jill Robinson

When you have a need for a luxury auto repair, can you take your car to a traditional auto body shop? What if you have a custom paint job on your vehicle or you have an exotic car that is not sold in the States? What are your options for luxury collision repair and who do you turn to?

Luckily, your auto insurance allows you to take your vehicle to the auto repair technician of your choosing. The first place you should look is the auto dealership you bought your luxury vehicle from; see if your auto dealer has an on-site luxury auto repair or collision repair specialist. Even if it means sending your vehicle to another country to get the auto repairs done, this can be worth it.

If you are looking state-side to get your luxury auto repair needs met, here are things to look for. The qualifications to consider can vary depending on your car's needs, but this general guide can help you narrow down your options and choose the right specialist for your needs.

Certification in custom paint

If you have a custom paint job on your vehicle, then choose an auto paint and repair technician who is certified and experienced in custom paint work. This can include mixing and applying custom paint, and it can apply to custom paint matching.

Experience with your vehicle's make and model

A luxury auto repair specialist will often have a specialty with a specific make and model of vehicle. See if you have a repair specialist in your area who works on the type of car you have. if you cannot find a shop that specializes in your vehicle, then the next best thing to do is to find a luxury collision repair specialist who does work on luxury cars as their specialty and not just traditional vehicles.

Certifications beyond collision and auto body repair

Look for a luxury auto repair company that hires staff who get certified in specialties beyond the traditional auto body and collision repair. As mentioned above, there are custom paint matching and other paint certifications, but there are also interior specialties, custom build certifications, and other skills and specialties you can look for in your luxury auto repair specialist.

Your vehicle is important to you. Whether you just want to get a paint chip repaired or you need more extensive service, finding the right luxury auto repair specialist is key to keeping your automobile in beautiful and pristine condition.

Contact a shop that offers luxury auto repair to get started.